Right Equipment on Time Mr Construction and Son

Always on time and when we can’t be, we communicate the reasons why and when you can expect us to arrive. We work to finish our projects in the timeliest manner possible.

We have over 30 years of home construction experience and being always on time has become a priority and foundation to our business. We can handle a variety of home and commercial improvement and carpentry projects. From major home repairs, to carpentry, renovations, new construction and small commercial projects. We show up on time. All jobs are completed on time…and on budget. Our work is performed to code to ensure the structural integrity of your home or commercial property. We do quality work and we do it right the first time. Taking shortcuts costs you more in the long term and damages our reputation. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. How you feel about us when we leave the job is important to us. We started our business walking the streets and finding those that needed help in their construction or renovation projects and what we learned from this experience is that time is a key element to construction work. We built our business by creating a customer base of clients that trust our ability to complete our projects when we say they will be completed. This is our CAREER not our JOB, we take pride in every aspect of the job at hand. Our reputation is built on our commitment to these values.

There is always the occasion where projects cannot be completed by the estimated time. These reasons typically are related to materials not being delivered or inclement weather. Mr. Construction and Son Inc. works with you to find different aspects of the job that can be completed to keep the overall project moving forward and on task. When there is no other option but to delay a job, WE INFORM and work with you so that you are completely aware of the reasons, the timing and the updated estimated time of completion, we will never leave you in the dark concerning your project. We feel that open, honest communication is key to a healthy, strong relationship between client and contractor.

We work with our clients to deliver the best workmanship possible. We deliver this with pride and exuberance. When you are ready to get a job completed or you are in the midst of a remodeling or renovating project and you are looking for professional, quality help…

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